Oil on a Friday afternoon
Painting in the desert, they are really actually lovely, I just sadly made them look haggard.

Painted this while Listening to Tame Impala, that shit gets you being a painterly mother fuck.

On repeat.. and on Frank Ocean’s: Bitches Talkin’ lol lol lol 

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"Fucking Lame" Odd Future Tape, Ace, Track 6, Genre: Fucking Awesome… on repeat.

Painting assignment today to paint a famous painting… I went down the road where Vermeer meets Lichtenstein.

"SHE" Tyler the Creator ft. Frank Ocean… on repeat

Just watched and I feel.. :O

KILL BILL Vol. 1 & 2 today: sorry Super Bowl 

KILL BILL Vol. 1 & 2 today: sorry Super Bowl 

Portait for painting class
The Weekend - The Zone (Feat. Drake)


The Zone - The Weeknd feat. Drake

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Elementary days! Times were so simple with the flippin Oregon Trail. lol.
ARTIST: Alice Neel

ARTIST: Alice Neel

Dustin Wong, saw this kid live and it was honestly just amazing.